The 2007 Pro Bowl Jump-Off begins with Jin the MC and the duo of Phonte and Big Pooh a.k.a Little Brother getting their lyrical throw down live and direct at the Pipeline Cafe. J2 Entertainment and All Access Entertainment will be in the house and have called up Forefather Entertainment to assist with the promotions. This will be the second Pro Bowl in a row for All Access and Forefather Entertainent working together. Fresh off last years show at the O’Lounge the two powerhouse promotion companies are back at it again.

Pro Bowl Jump-Off Concert


Jin the MC & Little Brother

Thursday February, 8th 2007

@ the Pipeline Café

Artist Bio

The 2007 Pro Bowl Jump-off Concert features Jin the MC and Litte Brother. Read Bio’s Here

Jin the MC or Jin Au-Yeung (born June 4, 1982), known professionally as MC Jin, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor of Hakka descent. He is the first Asian American rapper to be signed to a major record label in the United States. Check out a 2004 expose on Jin the MC:

The first time Jin Auyeung heard LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out,” he fell in love. It was the mid-90’s, the latter years of hip-hop’s golden age. But Jin was about as far from the hip-hop nation as you could get. He was 12 years old, growing up in North Miami Beach, the son of hard-working young immigrants from South China who owned a strip-mall Chinese restaurant.

Before discovering LL Cool J, his musical tastes consisted of New Kids on the Block and, he says, “a lot of Michael Jackson.”

But “Mama Said” turned Jin into a hip-hop head. In his spare time, he scribbled down and memorized his hero’s anthem. Then at parties, whenever the D.J. played “Mama Said,” Jin would plant himself in the middle of the dance floor and channel LL verbatim. After he reached high school, Jin expanded his repertory to include the younger artists who dominated hip-hop in the 90’s, like Nas, Biggie Smalls and Wu-Tang Clan. At night, instead of doing homework, Jin would sit in his bedroom, transcribing Tupac lyrics and committing them to memory.

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Little Brother was an American hip hop group from Durham, North Carolina that consists of rappers Phonte and Big Pooh and DJ/producer 9th Wonder. The group will be making it’s first Waikiki appearance at the Pipeline cafe. In a 2003 interview Phonte explains the origins of Little Brother:

2003 Interview with Phonte

Little Brother hail from North Carolina, and have been highly credited for bringing back “real” hip-hop, even being compared the likes of ATCQ and The Roots.

MVRemix: To start off, just for the record, how did you come up with the name Little Brother?

Phonte: The name Little Brother was just, um, it just means, the artists we grew up listening to, you know, I’m saying the Tribe, De La, P.E., you know what I’m saying… they were like our big brothers in the game so now we are the little brothers of that movement. They were like our big brothers in the game, now they got a little brother following in their footsteps and carrying on the tradition of good music.

For the rest of this interview click here 2003 Phonte Interview




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