Special Events by Forefather Entertainment are quite the treat. The imagination gets wild when coming up for creative ways to impress an audience. However, as an all-around promotions company, there is no limit to the options available. Over the years we have partnered up with great teams of promoters and business people. Therefore giving Foreather the opportunity to be adventurous in our dealing. We have been able to give back to the community with some of our charity efforts, as well as have a little fun at the same time. Please search through our catalog of past events and smile and laugh along with us.

Forefather Special events are created from the idea that the company can not just take from the public.  We must give back to the community and to the people who are working hard to improve their place in life. Support our sponsors and community organizations with donated time, money, goods, or services. However, keep in mind that Forefather exists mainly to put a smile on the faces of people in times when they need laughter the most. Enjoy the footage as you know we enjoyed making it for you.

For Booking Information contact us here. Let Forefather Entertainment assist you with your upcoming projects.