Wiz of CTG and Forefather Entertainment linked up to the album cover tight. Therefore, you know some real work got done. By helping out with the album cover, the two created a nice set of images to choose from. The cover turned out to be a nice black design of the three group members. This photoshoot took place in an area near Queens Hospital. Check out the photos from the shoot and which images we selected.

C.T.G. is a pseudonym for Changing the Game. This group formed in Honolulu and are dropping their first release Triangle Offense. The group’s members consist of Wiz, Tiki, and Lac. The album’s production is handled in-house by Tiki and Lac while Wiz is a beast MC. Since the forming of the group the three have been featured on song battles on radio stations on the island and strung together weeks of successful victories. Forefather Entertainment is known for professionalism and was happy to lend support to the project.

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