The Pash-On Album Cover Photo Shoot for his latest release “The Hunger Games,” got taken by Forefather Entertainment. Therefore, the shoot took place in Vegas and was done very professionally. However, the goal of the shoot was to give the audience an understanding of the hunger and drive needed to succeed in the game. Therefore, the completed Pash-On Album Cover was done excellently and accomplished the goal it was set out for in the first place. Pash is at the dinner table ready to eat on this cover. Could that be MC’s or just making a dollar hustling any way he can to get it right? Whatever the reason is for hunger, this mixtape is hot and is packed with guest appearances.

Pash-On is originally from Chicago, now a Vegas vet and the Hunger Games is another step in the right direction. The latest hip-hop release from underground veteran Pash-On. Managed by New Millineum Productions this is the latest effort from Pash-On. Forefather was called in to capture the images for the album cover of Hunger Games. Check out the photos and see how images are transformed into works of art.

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