Melanie aka Mz Carmel called on the Forefather Entertainment team to make sure her trip to Waianae Beach was captured in all its splendidness. Wow, Melanie really sizzled up the beach with her sexy looks mixed with sassy character. Check out the photos and let us know what you think about Melanie. Forefather met up with Melanie at Waianae Beach for a nice early morning photoshoot. The Forefather team was in good spirits working with Melanie. In other words, Mz Caramel a light brown complected woman delighted us with her professional attitude and her playful attention to detail.

However, She is definitely a top prospect to watch out. The Boys better back off or get caught in the web of beauty from Melanie aka Mz Carmel. Check out footage from the shoot as we got a chance to smile and laugh. However, we made sure that we didn’t misrepresent Melanie with our footage. Check it out and please leave your comments. Be polite.

In other words, Forefather Entertainment is proud of the work we have done with the most beautiful women. However, we are constantly looking to outdo ourselves and this time is no different.

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