GT’z INW Chicago is up next up on the agenda. The International Networking Weekend is back. Forefather GT'z INW Chicago - Day 3Entertainment and the Globalthugz are bringing the INW to the Windy City. We had to get down there before the winter comes and so we are doing it big this weekend. GT’z INW will be acting as the Unofficial CD Baby Weekend Party Planners. Check out the agenda, as Invitations will be going out 30 days out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Day 1

Day 1 of the International weekend begins with checking into the mansion. Therefore, we do it like this all day. Grab some herbs, and groceries and begin with the bbq, smoke fest, and introductions. However, after settling in we head down to the CD Baby conference and after-party and prepare for day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 of GT’z INW Chicago day 2 is off the chain. Some of the team will be down at the CD Baby Conference during the daytime, while some people will be checking out the city. The nighttime is where the action begins as we get set for the Ladies of Chi-Town concert at Velvet Lounge. The show will feature some of the hottest females coming up in the game led by Mz Lethal and Caroline Davis. Don’t trip the GT’z team will be grabbing the mic as well.

Day 3

Day 3 as we prepare to end GT’z INW this day ends in a bang, we start the day with another bbq, while some will be downtown attending the CD Baby Conference finally, while some members stay at the mansion and host Mob Wives Chicago’s Nora Schweihs for a wine tasting. Nora will be featuring her signature wines for this event. That’s right, wine tasting. Forefather Entertainment is an all-around promotions company with a wide range of concepts.

Later on in the evening we will be opening and sharing the stage once again with Cassidy at the Red Diamond Strip Club. This show will be off the hook as we will be hosting Cassidy and the rough rider team at the mansion.

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