Forefather Entertainment hosted the Chef Raekwon and his Ice Water Inc team for a Hawaiian Video Shoot on Oahu. Wu Tang legend Raekwon on the cusp of dropping Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, the sequal to the classic purple tape. The weekend with Raekwon was amazing as Forefather provided the access for the Ice Water Team to get their work done which was priority number one. The first night we sent the team to have drinks and relax at the Living Room in Fishermans Wharf. Rae and the team got a booth and then showed the crowd love.

Saturday morning the shooting began as the Ice Water team charted a yaght and made a weekend of it and got a lot of shooting in for the video. We have an exclusive interview live from the yaght where the crew shot footage for the Chef Raekwon video. Forefather was able to get enough ladies to participate for the video shoot to make the yaght look even better. Later that night the Ice Water team would then head to the Hush Boutique in the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel to continue shooting. Sunday the final bit of shooting took place as theĀ Ice Water team took a trip to Empires Gentlemen’s Club in Honolulu.

We would like to thank all the ladies for showing up and participating in the shoot.

Chef Raekwon Photos

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