Male Models

Forefather Entertainment has photographed male models for a variety of professional projects. We have had the pleasure of shooting for album covers, fashion lines, portfolios and family pictures.

The male models are an important demographic for all photographers in the entertainment industry. Creative shooting, editing and vision is the key to successful shoots. Check out our gallery of past photoshoots with male subjects and see if there is a way we can assist in building the clients resume and public image Most importantly our services include the shooting and editing of the images plus digital portfolio packages for the models to send to prospecitve clients.

"Fashions by Keith Price"
Fashions by Keith Price
"Pash-On - Hunger Games Album Cover"
Pash-On – Hunger Games
"T-QRON - Paradise Ugly 2 Album Cover"
T-QRON – Paradise Ugly 2
"Wiz of C.T.G - Triangle Offense Album Cover"
Wiz – Triangle Offense