Female Models

Forefather Entertainment has had the pleasure of working with some of very hot ladies. It’s a fun job to have to be honest with you. However the ladies we have worked with are not only gorgeous but professional in their work ethic as well. We are proud to bring you galleries of past modeling shoots in various locations. Once again Forefather Entertainment started out in Hawaii and some of the shoots display the islands beautiful scenery. Enjoy the modeling videos and images and please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. Thank you.

"Ashley poses on Waianae Beach on Oahu"
Ashley on Waianae
"Forefather Model Erin Alyce Moore"
Erin on Halona Beach
"Forefather Model Kristine Lancaster Koff"
Kristine on Lanikai
"Forefather Model La Revenue"
La Revenue in Vegas
"Forefather Model Martha Viloria"
Martha on Lanikai
"Melanie Female Model Image"
Melanie in Wainae
"Forefather Model Monica Ochetti"
Monica on Mokuleia
"Forefather Model Saaj"
Saaj in Honolulu
"Forefather Model Samantha Noonan"
Samantha in Waikiki
"Forefather Model Tokyo Yuri"
Tokyo Yuri at Ko’Olina