Day 2 on Oahu
The 2 Live Crew & GGW Live @Fashion 45

Day 2 on Oahu of the 2 Live Crew Hawaiian Island Tour, features the assistance of the Girls Gone Wild crew in the house. You better get excited because My Evolution and Forefather Entertainment is bringing that heat once again. The 2 Live Crew and the Girls Gone Wild crew will be at Fashion 45 in Waikiki. This is the second day of the three-day tour. The film crew from GGW will be in the house to record the crazy night at Fashion 45 located in the Waikiki Trade Center. This will be the crew’s first trip to Hawaii since the early ’90s. Once banned for their controversial lyrics. The Island will be ready to listen to those sex-filled lyrics and legendary hooks.

Fresh of the success of the Pro Bowl Weekend Too Short concert Forefather and My Evolution are back at it again. The legendary Miami hip-hop group are pioneers of the Miami sound along with former hypeman and manager Luther “Luke” Campbell. The group known for being champions of the 1st amendment and a banned album will be in Hawaii to get the party jumping.

A notice will go out for stage dancers as there is no 2 Live Show without an active team. Stay tuned for more information as the day gets closer to the concert.